What Does MTNA/PMTA Offer Teachers?
Recognition of Student Achievements
  • Showcase Recitals
  • Master Classes
  • Performance Auditions
  • Composition Competitions
  • Money-Funded Competitions 
Continuing Education for Teachers 
  • Workshops and Clinics
  • Master Classes
  • Adjudication Clinics
  • New Music Exhibits and Showcases
  • Study Programs
  • Performance Classes
  • Enrichment Grants
  • Networking on local/state/national levels
  • Annual State PMTA Conference held each fall at a PA college
  • Annual Eastern Division Conference held every January
  • Annual MTNA National Conference held every spring in a different state
  • American Music Teacher Magazine, the official MTNA publication
  • MTNA/PMTA National Courses of Study
  • MTNA National Achievement Test
  • MTNA and PMTA online web sites 
Benefits of Membership
  • Group Medical Insurance
  • Group Disability Insurance
  • Group Liability Insurance
Professional Standards
  • National Teacher Certification